Remote Support for Smartphones & Tablets

SmartCare from BlackBelt is a very new and very efficient software solution to change the settings on mobiles by remote and to fully document all changes inside a database to keep all your operators up to date. Especially callcenters in the mobile telephony business or administrators of big companies are able to keep track and organize all the mobile devices and its settings, which are used by the employees of their company - wherever they are travelling around at the moment!

How to establish SmartCare in your workflow:

  1. The client or employee starts the SmartService-App on his mobile device.
  2. The app generates a individual ID and an individual password on its welcome screen.
  3. The person who needs support and has opened the SmartService-app communicates these authentification data to the supporter / administrator.
  4. The supporter is now able to see and change all necessary settings on the connected mobile device in an easy to handle frontend in real-time. The frontend is webbased, so you can use any actual browser of your choice.
  5. Of course the remote connection is SSL-encrypted and even fits when only GPRS-speed is available on the mobile device.




Your benefits:

  • Spare time: There will be no need to navigate "blindly" the person who needs support through all the setting possibillities. The supporter has direct access to all parameters and can display everytime an actual screenshot of the mobile device screen in his SmartCare-frontend.
  • Automation: SmartCare identifies automatically all common problems like e.g. too fast battery discharge, Wi-Fi and network probs, false settings ... . Even an individual adaption of the staring page in the frontend can be offered by us, so your company has always a survey of the  most widespreaded client problems and can directly activate deposited routines to eliminate these problems.
  • Documentation: All setting changes and its new parameters are stored completely inside a database. So every callcenter employee or administrator is able to see all the changes which have already be done at a mobile device by colleagues. No more mismatches or "trial and error" behaviour!
  • Branding: The SmartService-app can be adapted to the corporate design of your company. Also we can offer you the installation of the remotesoftware on your own servers, so all the data will be kept in your own hands according to your it-compliance-standards.

Any questions left? Don't hesitate to contact us!