Blackbelt Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz

bbdachmodulfertigWipe-GLOBAL offers you in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusive the software products of our partner Blackbelt. Five companies with different main emphasis are available to you within our network as a reference and contact point:

kavits in Pfaffenhofen
Lomisoft in Bamberg
obsequ in Siegburg
RLH-IT in Rosenheim
toolhouse in Pfaffenhofen


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The network with our partners is continuously growing. Together we are able to offer you the service and quality which guarantees to support you in the best possible way.

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If you are interested to join our network as a Managing Partner for your country, please contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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Your company Know-how... the difference!

Therefore take care and make sure!
Use certified data erasure for your IT
and mobile devices!



Smartphones & Tablets


Blackbelt DataWipe:
Mehrere Mobilgeräte zeitgleich,
schnell und zertifiziert löschen.
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Blackbelt SmartCare:
Schneller und sicherer Remote-
support für Mobilgeräte. Ideal für
Callcenter und größere Unter-
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Blackbelt Analyst:
Automatisierte, standardisierte
und effiziente Funktionsüber-
prüfung von Mobilgeräten.
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Workstations, Server & Storages


Toolhouse toolstar®test LX:

Die professionelle Diagnosesoftware
für Ihre Hardwarekomponenten.

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Certified Wiping:

Data Center, Storages, Server und
Workstations. Inhouse-Service!

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