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• Automated & provable hardware function analysis

• Certified & GDPR-compliant data deletion

• In-house services for data centers

• Overall concepts for refurbishers & repair centers

• Worldwide partner network

• Joint success with our customers

Green IT

• Reuse instead of disposal

• Save resources & money,

promote global education

• Acting economically &

ecologically responsibly

• Use your value to promote values

• Green-IT is in the actual Covid-

and climate crisis indispensable


• Save time

• Save money

• Save manpower

• More sales & more satisfied customers

Data Erasure

• HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB and much more.

• In-house service possible, no

data leaves your company!

• GDPR-compliant exemption from liability

through certified verification protocols

• Storages, Server, PXE-solutions

• Individually configurable deletion processes

with different algorithms


0 devices
checked, deleted and your proof of employment
We offer you all-in-one solutions for the certified deletion and functional analysis of your hardware!
Cloudaccount: You have access from any device and any place in the world to all deletion and verification processes within your company, their overall statistics and receipts - united in your personal, free backend!
Service: Is capitalized with us. In case of problems with our software or your established workflow, our support is at your disposal. We want your company to grow together with us - hand in hand.
Documentation: Thanks to search and filter functions, you have access to all documents and certificates of a customer within seconds and at any time. Thus, you can not only log and automatically verify your work processes, but also have a valuable marketing tool at hand when you send them to your customers with your integrated company logo or enclose them with the hardware.

Example of an automated workflow

You are a refurbisher or own a repair center? Then you should start now at the latest to make your daily operations easier by automating your business processes. You save time, money and manpower! Your customers are more satisfied, you can document all processes in black and white and save yourself unnecessary complaints and inquiries. Below you will find an example of how our software products make your processes more efficient. The same is also possible for the laptop/desktop area. For larger license purchases you will receive appropriate support until the realization of your personal workflow!


Goods receiving department

  1. Reading of the device specifications and first function test.
  2. Photos of external damages can be added.
  3. Storage of customer data (via API a transfer or readout to/from your ERP system is also possible).
  4. Labeling of the device.

You have documented the condition of the device, have all the initial information for the repair and the labelled device can be assigned at any time within your company.



  1. By scanning the label on the device (QR or barcode) the respective employee has quick access to the function report for the device.
  2. Your employees use the function report to repair the device.


Renewed function check &
Possible data deletion
  1. Renewed function test (analyst).
  2. Refurbishers can have a certified data wipe performed directly after this test.

You have documented the condition of the device after the repair, so you automatically receive a proof of work and also prove that no further damage was added to the device during the repair process.


  1. Function and deletion reports can be emailed to the customer as a PDF document directly from the dashboard or (with your printed logo) attached to the device.
  2. Here you can find examples of an Analyst-protocoll and a DataWipe-certification.
  3. Depending on the assigned hierarchy level, you have worldwide access in your personal dashboard to all processes and statistics regarding the devices and customers that have passed through your company.

You have documented the condition of the device after the repair, so you automatically receive a proof of work and also prove that no further damage was added to the device during the repair process.


Goods issue (image & branding, online store connection)

  1. Instead of the usual brief information, your customer receives a professional report that will help you stand out from the competition and thus provide you with another marketing tool.
  2. Refurbisher: Instead of manually entering all device data into your online store, you can now use XML feeds to automatically feed all device data to your online sales.
  3. raceability for future customer contact: You always have access to all device specifications of your customer data for future questions and subsequent repairs - time-consuming inquiries are no longer necessary.

You establish yourself as a transparent and professional service provider with efficient customer service and always have all key figures of your business in view. Exact statistics make it easy to identify worthwhile models and manufacturers.

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