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Automated hardware testing - toolstar®test LX

toolstar®test LX from Toolhouse is the professional solution for the detection of hardware errors and offers you the possibility to detect system errors which only occur during long-term operation by means of freely definable endurance tests.

To do this, you start the Linux-based test software directly from a USB stick or CD, independent of the operating system. You will receive your software image quickly and easily as a download link. All subsequent test procedures are logged - ideal for your own documentation, but also for your customers, to whom you can present all results in black and white. Individually configurable test processes can be adapted to the requirements of your company or your customers' hardware manufacturers.
This saves technicians and network administrators a lot of time, as all test routines run in the background and do not have to be permanently monitored. The software is available in German and English.

Automating your workflows saves you time, money and manpower!

Professional test protocols create customer confidence, save you time and prevent returns and complaints!


 The most important advantages of toolstar®test LX:

  • Your device to be tested does not require an installed operating system.
  • You save time and money in support - No more "trial and error".
  • All test protocols can also be stored, archived and retrieved directly in the in-house network / server.
  • Linux servers can be tested in the background, during operation.
  • Up to 6 different tests can be run in parallel - you take care of other work tasks in the meantime.
  • Free configurability of tests - Automate all test procedures coordinated and targeted to individual hardware components / product lines.
  • The regular supply of updates and the associated integration of new hardware components is guaranteed.


Examples of test procedures:

  • Various memory tests
  • SPD-eProm
  • Simultaneous tests for CPU kernels
  • Testing internal and external drives
  • HDD-Tests
  • Interface tests (serial, parallel...)
  • Mainboard and graphics card tests
  • and much more!